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Industrial Low Consumption IP PTZ 33x Zoom 3MPX Camera


* Multiple Progressive Scan CMOS Sensor 3MPx

• Multi Exposure HDR

• Multi Codec support (H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG)

• Low Latency Streaming

• Quad Streams support

• Wiper

• True Day/Night function (ICR)

• 3D Motion Compensated Noise Reduction

• Smart Event function- External Output/ Motion

Detection/ Network Failure/ Detection/

Tampering Alarm/ Periodical Event/ Manual

Trigger/ Audio Detection

• ONVIF Profile S/G/Q support

• Smart Low Bitrate control

• infrared lamps or white lamps

• 256 preset positions

• Preset positions accuracy ± 0.02º

• 360º horizontal rotation at up to 0.1º - 100º /s

• -90º - +40º vertical rotation at up to 0.1 º - 100º /s

• 485 two-way transmission signal, the support of radar, intelligent

• Optional high precision preset position

• Protection class IP67

• Support the standby power consumption is low than 5W

• Heater & Fan built-in

• AC24V & DC24V double power input

• Can be working under the winds speed does not big than 144 kilometers;

• Can be bear the biggest winds speed 208 kilometers

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